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Our objectives

Our Objectives

Hemispheric Network of Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs)


Promote collaboration and integration of CSIRTs in the Americas.


Facilitate the sharing of cyber attack information, threat patterns, and insights on incident response tools for CSIRTs.


Encourage the creation of CSIRTs and mentor those recently established.

Technical Projects

Design projects aiming to improve the services offered by existing CSIRTs.

Our Members

Computer security incident response teams from Americas

National CSIRTs | Defense CSIRTs | Police CSIRTs | Government CSIRTs was created with the support of the following institutions

Financial contributors


Government of Canada


Government of United Kingdom

In process



In-kind contributors



Provides design, implementation & operation of IT infrastructure

ASERT - Arbor Networks

Provide real time feeds on DDOS attacks in Americas region

Improves specialized services

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