Members of CSIRTAmericas Network have access to a range of online services 24/7, as well as access to technical assistance programs and training on cybersecurity.

Online services

Community Portal
Community Portal
We enable instant communication and collaboration among members
Feeds hub
Feeds hub
We distribute information on cyber threat feeds 24/7.
Regional MISP
Regional MISP
We promote the exchange of indicators of compromise (IOC) through the MISP platform
Search engine
Search engine
We offer enriched information about internet-connected devices

Technical assistance

Assessment of vulnerabilities
Assessment of the maturity level of a CSIRT
Web application security
Cyber incident management tools
Data analysis for CSIRTs
Guidance and strategic support

Professional development

  • Cybersecurity exercises
  • Training
  • Courses and workshops
  • Regional events and meetings
  • Apprenticeship program