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Requirements to become a CSIRT member of the Network

  • The CSIRT must belong to an OAS Member State.
  • The CSIRT must be one of the following types:
    • National
    • Sectoral (police, armed forces, or local government). In the case of local government, the CSIRT must be endorsed by the national CSIRT of its country.

  • The CSIRT must have official documents specifying its establishment and cybersecurity incident management functions (decree, regulation, agreement, statute, etc.).
* The membership of a CSIRT to CSIRTAmericas Network is subject to acceptance by the CICTE/OEA.

1. The Head of the CSIRT must complete the application form here:

Start application process

2. Any application received must be validated and approved by the National Contact Point for CICTE (see The OAS/CICTE will coordinate this approval and notify the country's Permanent Mission to the OAS. In the case of a CSIRT that is not national, the CSIRTAmericas team will also request approval from the national CSIRT of the country in question

3. The CSIRTAmericas team will review the information received in the form and verify the official CSIRT functions documentation

4. The CSIRTAmericas team will communicate the status of the application within 20 working days including any request for additional information if needed (this period may vary depending on the particular circumstances in the country concerned).

5. Should the application be approved, the applicant will be contacted based on the contact information in the application form to schedule an introductory meeting between the CSIRTAmericas team and the members of the adhering CSIRT.